SARK-110 antenna analyser


This antenna analyser came to my attention in November 2015 when I purchased it from MLS.  Although more expensive than some, it includes a generally wider range of functionality and has clearly been designed with care.  The SARK-110 is not only a basic antenna analyser but also a great educational device, capable of measuring coaxial cable parameters, time domain reflectometry, and much more. The user interface is intuitive and one can quickly become familiar with its options.  It is portable and hence very useful for in-situ measurements when distant from a power source.

The reader is referred to the main home page here.

For calibration, a set of loads can be purchased from G3TJP. You will find them here or here.

The analyser can send data to a PC, allowing antenna performance to be saved and compared with later measurements.  Software "SARK_Plots" can be downloaded from the main website.   An example follows showing my M2 5element yagi on 50MHz:-

sark 6m yagi