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Some historical recordings are here in mp3 format.

The history page sets the scene for some of these and describes the equipment used.
6m reception prior to September 1980 was on a loft dipole, then a 3 ele yagi until May 1989, thereafter a 5 ele yagi.
Contacts prior to Nov 1981 used all home brew gear.
Recordings are as received in IO91.

DateStationBandPropagation modeComments
6 Mar 1991KG6DX6mF2
6 Mar 1991VK6PA6mF2
19 Jun 1987AF1T 6mEsworking me
17 Jun 1987K1GPJ 6mEsworking me
19 Dec 1980GM4DIJ4mauroraworking me
19 Dec 1980GM3WOJ4mauroraworking me
19 Dec 1980
working me
14 Dec 1980VS6BE6mF2beacon
2 Dec 1979KP4EOR6mF2
2 Dec 1979W4UWH/KV46mF2
25 Nov 1979HC1JX6mF2
17 Nov 1979W5SFW6mF2
3 Nov 1979VO2AG6mF2
27 Oct 1979N American pileup on EI2W6mF2
27 Oct 1979WA1EXN wkg EI2W6mF2
21 Oct 1979VE1AVX6mF2now VE1YX
12 Oct 1979ZS6PW6mF2 or TEP?beacon
11 Jun1971Sofia broadcast4mEsSee explanation
11 Jun1971Bucharest 2 broadcast4mEsSee explanation
11 Jun1971Bucharest 3 broadcast4mEsSee explanation
24 May 1971Polish broadcast (Brown Sugar)4mEsSee explanation
1971News programme in Russian4mEsSee explanation
1971Polski Radio broadcast4mEsSee explanation
?ZB2VHF (later F1)4mEs
~1968?ZB2VHF (early A1A) 4mEs
~1968?G3TEY operating G3OHH on AM4mtropo4MB file. See explanation
1 Nov 1968GI3HCG4maurora
1 Nov 1968GI3RXV4maurora
1 Nov 1968G3RLE4maurora
19 July 1968GI3VPK/P4mtropo
10 April 1966G3NEO4mtropo