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Welcome to my amateur radio site.  I'm Graham Kimbell, first licensed in 1964 and living in West Lydford, Somerset (IO81QC). My interests are mainly 6m (50MHz) and 4m (70MHz) – propagation, working dx and homebrew.  I'm also active on 23cm (1296MHz) and sometimes on 2m (144MHz).  I also go in for contests now and again.

Corresponding member of the RSGB Propagation Studies Committee
Member of the UK Six Metre Group.
Member of the UK Microwave Group.
Keeper for the GB3USK 23cm beacon.

Recent 10m SSB/CW contacts
JE3WUK 22/02/24 PM74 Japan
VA7DXX 23/02/24 CN89ca Canada
PJ5/SP9FIH 27/02/24 FK87ml Saba & St Eustatius
V31XX 28/02/24 EK58uk Belize
HL4SF 29/02/24 PM33DJ S Korea Jeju Is
YS1/F4IXC 08/03/24 EK53om El Salvador
4X6TT 09/03/24 KM72KJ Israel
UT5RQ 09/03/24
VU2DSI 09/03/24 MK79IA India
BD7BM 11/03/24 OL68LC China
Z36T 11/03/24 KN01RM North Macedonia
PY2CX 12/03/24 GG66QM Brazil
9K2GR 13/03/24 LL49AH Kuwait
A71/RN1B 13/03/24 LL55OG Qatar
NP4DX 13/03/24 FK68PH Puerto Rico
SV8QDJ 13/03/24 KM37CP Greece
FM8QR 14/03/24 FK94LM Martinique
EX9A 16/03/24 MN71CP Kyrgyzstan
LU1DX 17/03/24 FF94NN Argentina
TO3Z 17/03/24 FK96gh Guadeloupe
CA3VAK 18/03/24 FF46rq Chile
7Z1IS 19/03/24 LL34HN Saudi Arabia
5B4AJC 27/03/24 KM64ox Cyprus
8P5A 27/03/24 GK03EF Barbados
HI8AT 27/03/24 FK48WS Dominican Republic
ZF2OO 27/03/24 EK99JH Cayman Is
7P8EI 28/03/24 KG30VO Lesotho
J8NKI 28/03/24 FK92ir St Vincent
YM2ETM 28/03/24 KN40PT Turkey
J62K 29/03/24 FK93lu St Lucia

NEW!    QSL Policy

I no longer send or receive cards via the bureau.
You may QSL direct (I am QTHR) or use eQSL.  If using eQSL, please also email me your request as I rarely check the site.

My longest distance contacts by band and propagation mode are (cw or ssb):-

Band / PropagationTroposphericAuroraSporadic E

OE5VRL/5 Austria  1246km -
4mPA4VHF Netherlands  661kmSP2JYR Poland 1456km
A92IO Bahrain 5232km

6mGM3POI Scotland 870kmOH3XA Finland 1866kmPJ2/DJ9ON Curacao 7308km3B8DB
Mauritius 9851km
VK4ABW Australia 15469km

ZL3KB, New Zealand 18994km

My current countries totals are:-

                                            * minor squares eg IO81
BandCountriesConfirmedFields eg IO
Two way ssb and cw since 2012
Two way ssb and cw since 2007
Two way ssb and cw all time

My first 4m QSO was on 9 August 1964 (on AM). My first QSO outside the UK on 4m was with ZB2VHF (Gibraltar)on 3 June 1968.  I've nearly lost track of the number of 4m rigs and transverters I've built - the current one is described on the equipment page. You can read more about my interests and find some historical recordings on the history page.

My first 6/10m cross band QSO was with EL2AV (Liberia) on 18 October 1980.  I started operation on the 6m band proper on 1 February 1986 when the band was released generally to amateurs in UK.  Six is a specially interesting band because of the many propagation modes possible.  I have written articles on transatlantic Es, Aurora and Meteor Scatter.  See the propagation page for more info.

You can contact me by email - g3tct (at) g3tct.co.uk

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